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C O L O R F A N C Y ~
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8th-Sep-2009 06:08 pm - audrey . 84
art • i want to be his only cat.
I had no classes on Labor Day so guess what I did instead? YEAH. Made a shit load of icons.
/edit: Oh yes. I redid my resources post and now it has fanart credits there too (though I usually do credits in the post-- which I will continue to do, I thought it'd be good if I also had a list of them together). If you know any fanartist I've iconed, but haven't gotten them listed there, I would looove it if you could give me their website or even just their name. That'd be awesome. Phew, now onto the icons.
152 icons.
18❙sky doll.
20❙misc. manga/manhwa.
40❙junjou romantica.

just ask your momCollapse )
7th-Sep-2009 08:15 pm - audrey . 83 . requests pt3.
k-on! • don't be lazy.
AND THEY ARE DONE. Sorry 'bout the wait, school's been cutting into my iconing time. If I somehow missed your requests, don't hesitate to point it out. I'll add tags later.

shareable requests pt.3

no one to blame save for bad genes or DNACollapse )
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